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R&D Cigars by Tobacconist University (Serie I)


Greetings, academics. Today we discuss a revolutionary line of cigars. Begun by Tobacconist University (the academic organization that upholds the highest standards and procedures for fine tobacconists like us) has introduced R&D Cigars. What will be an ongoing series of cigar lines, R&D is a transparent and educational means by which consumers can enjoy premium cigars to the fullest. The band on the cigar reveals many important talking points behind the blend. Listed information includes the wrapper type and origin, the DOC (date of creation of the cigar), the production numbers, the manufacturer and even the filler components. And what is one of the most novel cigar ideas (and we predict the next big cigar trend), R&D offers Puro Components, cigarillos composed of just one leaf, whether it is the wrapper leaf, binder leaf or the 3 individual filler components. This gives smokers the chance to experience the one tobacco type and learn the leaf’s individual characteristics.

TU has contracted famed boutique cigar producer, Jesus Fuego, to develop R&D Brazilian Corojo Capa Especial Serie I. Click here to visit the in-depth page describing Serie I. You will read about the characteristics of each leaf (and can even see and visit the coordinates of where the tobacco was grown). There is an informative video you can view regarding the Azacualpa Valley (Honduras) where one of the filler leaf components is grown.

Sold exclusively through CRTs like Habana Port Cigar Merchants, R&D helps educate the mind and palate. Click here to visit the R&D Lab.
Until the next post, siempre fumando,
Habana Port
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Pipe Architecture


Greetings, pipe patrons. In this blog post we picture the architecture and anatomy of a pipe. Hopefully, one can appreciate the design of a fine briar or meerschaum pipe after analyzing the components that go into the structure of a time-honored tool.
This picture comes compliments of the Tobacconist University, the standard in fine tobacco education and oversight.

Until the next post, siempre fumando,
Habana Port
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CRT/Habana Port Cigar Review #3 – La Verite 2008 Vintage Churchill

Greetings, merry mavens of maduros. Our third CRT/Habana Port cigar review is a special one. Brought to you by the creator of Tatuaje, La Verite Vintage is a tribute to the idea of creating a cigar composed of tobacco from one farm plot. Rolled in Nicaragua by the famous Garcia family (who hails from Cuba), this cigar’s blend comes from their 2008 crop grown on their farm called La Estrella (“the star” in Spanish).

Click here to read more about the story behind this fantastic puro.

Our 2 CRT judges review the cigar:

Date & Time Smoked: 1/20/2011 – 4:00 PM
Brand: La Verite Vintage
Line: 2008
Vitola: Churchill
Manufacturer: My Father / Pepin Garcia
Distributor: Tatuaje Cigars Inc. / Havana Cellars
Length: 7 inches
Ring Gauge: 47
Common Shape: Churchill (Parejo)
Origin of Production: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua

Taste Profile (CRT #1764):
Initial Light – Nice aroma, cocoa and nuts. Lots of flavors, smooth and even burn.
1st Half – Same as before; white ash.
2nd Half – Changes to toasty flavors finished with some spiciness; changes from medium to full-body.
Final Comments – Excellent cigar with great flavors. Example of the old Cuban tradition of aging.
Strength – Medium-strong.

Taste Profile (CRT #1798):
Initial Light – Wow. Impressively clean from the first light. It reminds me of a well-aged Cuban. Light earth and a faint, faint cocoa are present. The wrapper is beautiful and somewhat toothy. There is a brilliant sheen as well. There is a triple-cap and the construction is flawless. Clean & elegant!
1st Half – Maintained the same profile with the addition of some woody notes; a bit more body present.
2nd Half – Flavors intensified and picked up strength.
Final Comments – The flavor experience and superb construction (and the ash stayed intact) imply that much care and diligence went into the production of this cigar. There was a lot of flavor but the smoke was clean; a must-buy!
Strength – Initially, it was mild-medium but by the end the strength was medium.

Until the next post, siempre fumando,
Habana Port

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CRT/Habana Port Cigar Review #2 – Paul Garmirian Symphony 20 Connoisseur


Greetings, aficionado de la hoja! Our second CRT/Habana Port cigar review features a highly limited cigar: Paul Garmirian Symphony 20 Connoisseur. Paul Garmirian is an interesting cigar man and has a long history. Not as well known as other cigars, PG cigars appeared in 1990. He can be credited with introducing the boutique/small batch cigar concept before anyone else. His philosophy includes distributing his cigars through brick-and-mortar cigar shops only. His cigars are made at Tabadom (the maker of Davidoff, AVO and The Griffins) thus ensuring consistency and high quality every time one lights up a PG.

The story regarding the Symphony line is as follows:

The official release of the Symphony 20 is 40,000 cigars in 2000 flat, cedar boxes of 20. 15,000 cigars were released with no boxes to the top PG Authorized Dealers in November 2009. On the last day before the Virginia Restuarant [sic] Smoking Ban, the Symphony 20 was launched at Morton’s Steakhouse in Reston, Virginia. The name Symphony 20 came from an article that compared the process of experimenting, blending and manufacturing PG Cigars, to composing a complex symphony. It celebrates 20 years for PG, from 1990 to 2010.

Click here for Source
Our 2 CRT judges review the cigar:
Date & Time Smoked: 12/1/2010 – 5:15 PM
Brand: Paul Garmirian
Line: Symphony 20
Vitola: Connoisseur
Manufacturer: Tabadom Holdings, Inc.
Distributor: McLean Cigars PG Boutique
Length: 6 inches
Ring Gauge: 52
Common Shape: Toro (Parejo)
Origin of Production: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Ecuador Hybrid Cuban Seed
Binder: Dominican Republic Havana Seed
Filler: Dominican Republic & Honduras
Taste Profile (CRT#1764):
Initial Light – Good draw, spicy, notes of leather, initial Dominican flavor (he actually said it tastes like a Davidoff/AVO before he knew this cigar was made at the factory).
1st Half – good draw; smooth; lots of flavors, leather, earth, coffee notes.
2nd Half – still good draw; leather and earth flavors. Gray/black ash.
Final Comments – Good construction, lots of flavor from the beginning to 3/4 of the cigar. Medium-bodied. Buy.
Strength: Medium

Taste Profile (CRT#1798):
Initial Light – woody and deep earth; peppery with a heavy strength.
1st Half – wood and rich earth dominate; full-bodied at a medium-strong strength; solid construction; gray-white ash; a thick wrapper leaf.
2nd half – wood and earth deepen with more mineral notes appearing.
Final Comments – A lot of flavor come with this cigar; very consistent throughout with wood and earth dominating. A thick, oily wrapper and great construction are found with this cigar.
Strength: Medium-Strong
Until the next post, siempre fumando,
Habana Port
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Become a CCT at Habana Port!


Greetings, educated enthusiasts of Habana Port! We want to inform you about Tobacconist University‘s Certified Consumer Tobacconist (CCT) certification program that we can assist in administering. Here are some of the details about this wonderful program for those interested:

Certified Consumer Tobacconist (CCT) is a non-professional certification with the designation CCT; it is a lifetime certification with no recurring or annual dues. The retail cost for Consumer Certification is $250† or $175 for CRA members (a 30% discount).

Consumers interested in becoming CCT will need to contact Habana Port, a CRT Sponsor. The curriculum, Training Seminars, and Post-Certification Seminars for CCT are almost exactly the same as for CRT; with the notable exception of Service College, which CCT do not have to study. CCT are the most passionate and knowledgeable consumers of luxury tobacco, as substantiated by our academic curriculum and final exam.


1. After you talk to Habana Port, you can purchase your CCT Certification in TU’s Campus Store or print the CCT Intro, provide the requested information, and mail payment to TU: 66 Witherspoon St., PMB 322 , Princeton, NJ 08542. (Habana Port can mail the form for you, too!)

2. After payment is received and you accept the CCT Code of Ethics & Standards, you will be listed on the CCT webpage.

3. Register on the TU Forums to download the CCT Apprentice Seminars from the Certified Tobacconist & Apprentice section: TU will have to grant you special access to this section.

4. Contact Habana Port, your CRT Sponsor and agree upon a date/time to take the final exam. Habana Port must request the final exam from TU two weeks ahead of test date/time.

5. Take the final exam with Habana Port. (You can even smoke a cigar while you take the test! What other college allows that?!) Sign and seal the test; Habana Port will mail back to TU.

6. Wait up to one month for test results, diploma, and lapel pin. Test re-take fee is $50.

A Consumer Tobacconist candidate must study TOBACCO COLLEGE, ACCOUTREMENTS COLLEGE, and TASTE COLLEGE as well as the FAQ & GLOSSARY to attain the requisite knowledge for TU Certification. Unlike a Certified Retail or Salesforce Tobacconist, a Consumer Tobacconist does not have to attend SERVICE COLLEGE. All of the independent study is conducted through the internet-based curriculum and Apprentice Seminars sent directly from TU. In order to pass the final exam and earn TU Certification, a candidate must score 80% or better. Upon successful completion of the final exam the apprentice earns TU Certification and all the benefits and privileges associated with it.

Certified Consumer Tobacconists (CCT) are the most passionate consumers of luxury tobacco. They are the TU infantry, giving loyal patronage to Certified Retailers, knowledgeable feedback, engaging in peer-to-peer teaching, and they epitomize the values of self-learning and connoisseurship. After earning their certification, CCTs receive an array of benefits and privileges commensurate with their extraordinary accomplishment.

† The CCT degree is a lifetime certification with no annual fees. If you fail the final exam, the test re-take fee is $50. Only one re-take per year is allowed, a minimum of four weeks after the first.

If you have any questions about earning your CCT certification, do not hesitate to call us at 985-809-1818 or email us at

Until the next post, siempre fumando,

Habana Port
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CRT/Habana Port Cigar Review #1 – Padron Series Churchill


Greetings, aficionado de la hoja! Our first CRT/Habana Port cigar review features a cigar from one of the pillars of the cigar industry – Padron. This Nicaraguan-based cigar company boasts a rich history and a core of family values. Of Cuban heritage, the Padron family regularly scores well on tastings and it shows due to their focus on consistency in their product.

Read below and see how our 2 CRT judges rate this Padron.

Date & Time Smoked: 9/21/2010 – 5:45 PM

Brand: Padron
Line: Series
Vitola: Churchill
Manufacturer: Padron
Distributor: Padron/Piloto
Length: 6 and 7/8 inches
Ring Gauge: 46
Common Shape: Churchill (Parejo)
Origin of Production: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Nicaragua (Piloto Cubano)
Binder: Nicaragua (Piloto Cubano)
Filler: Nicaragua (Piloto Cubano)

Taste Profile (CRT#1764):
Initial Light – A touch of spiciness; smooths out right away.
1st Half – Burns even, good draw; some earth flavor.
2nd Half – More medium-strength; still burns even; good draw.
Final Comments – Fairly good smoke.
Strength: mild to medium

Taste Profile (CRT#1798)
Initial Light – pre-light draw evokes light earth notes; upon fire, a clean, light chocolate note.
1st Half – Wow! What a clean-tasting cigar; light chocolate and earth notes; not too spicy but rich; white-gray ash; gets more complex and smooth!
2nd Half – a bit more flavor but those chocolate tones still present; burns a bit hotter but due to fast speed of smoking; more earth develops.
Final Comments – not the most immaculate in terms of looks, although it smoked fine. The experience and flavor made up for it! What rich and clean flavors! This must have had some age on it. Absolutely worth a purchase.
Strength: mild to medium
Until the next post, siempre fumando,Habana Port

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CRT / Habana Port Cigar Reviews


Greetings, fellow philosophers of Habana Port! We wanted to inform you that we are joining Tobacconist University in what will be a great program that involves our in-house CRTs conducting formal tasting reviews of cigars!

Our goal will be to relay unbiased tasting reviews of cigars that are sent to us by Tobacconist University. This will be a great source for you aficionados that are looking for particular cigars that meet your preferences in strength, flavors and country of origin.

We have received the first shipment of cigars straight that we have been contracted to taste and review from TU . So be on the look out this week as we publish our first ratings and notes!

Until the next post, siempre fumando,
Habana Port
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Another CRT in tha House!

Habana Port’s newest CRT Diploma (CRT#1798)

Greetings faithful follower of Habana Port Cigar Merchants! We wanted to notify you that Luis Molina has received his CRT diploma (CRT # 1798). A serious cigar smoker and tobaccophile should only visit Certified Tobacco Retailers if he wants to have an enriching experience when browsing tobacconists. Otherwise, buyer beware! Click here to visit the official TU certification page.

Habana Port Cigar Merchants is now proud to offer 2 CRTs!

Until the next post, siempre fumando,

Habana Port