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Padron Limited Edition 3-finger Cigar Case

Greetings, Paddy peeps. The Padron limited edition 3-finger cigar case was designed and handcrafted in the US by Brizard & Co. and limited to 200 unique numbered pieces. Constructed from fine Italian leather, burl walnut and Spanish cedar. MSRP of $200.
Update: We sold out unfortunately.
Until the next post, siempre fumando,
Habana Port
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CRT/Habana Port Cigar Review #1 – Padron Series Churchill


Greetings, aficionado de la hoja! Our first CRT/Habana Port cigar review features a cigar from one of the pillars of the cigar industry – Padron. This Nicaraguan-based cigar company boasts a rich history and a core of family values. Of Cuban heritage, the Padron family regularly scores well on tastings and it shows due to their focus on consistency in their product.

Read below and see how our 2 CRT judges rate this Padron.

Date & Time Smoked: 9/21/2010 – 5:45 PM

Brand: Padron
Line: Series
Vitola: Churchill
Manufacturer: Padron
Distributor: Padron/Piloto
Length: 6 and 7/8 inches
Ring Gauge: 46
Common Shape: Churchill (Parejo)
Origin of Production: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Nicaragua (Piloto Cubano)
Binder: Nicaragua (Piloto Cubano)
Filler: Nicaragua (Piloto Cubano)

Taste Profile (CRT#1764):
Initial Light – A touch of spiciness; smooths out right away.
1st Half – Burns even, good draw; some earth flavor.
2nd Half – More medium-strength; still burns even; good draw.
Final Comments – Fairly good smoke.
Strength: mild to medium

Taste Profile (CRT#1798)
Initial Light – pre-light draw evokes light earth notes; upon fire, a clean, light chocolate note.
1st Half – Wow! What a clean-tasting cigar; light chocolate and earth notes; not too spicy but rich; white-gray ash; gets more complex and smooth!
2nd Half – a bit more flavor but those chocolate tones still present; burns a bit hotter but due to fast speed of smoking; more earth develops.
Final Comments – not the most immaculate in terms of looks, although it smoked fine. The experience and flavor made up for it! What rich and clean flavors! This must have had some age on it. Absolutely worth a purchase.
Strength: mild to medium
Until the next post, siempre fumando,Habana Port