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Viaje's Big Ivan Cigar & Espresso Pairing

Greetings, elitists of espresso and earthy cigars. So we at Habana Port Cigar Merchants celebrated Lundi Gras night by pairing the Big Ivan cigar from Viaje with some Italian espresso. Great combination. Both products had darker notes so the pairing was more of a complementary effect than a contrasting one.
As far as the new Skull & Bones cigar from the ultra-boutique company, the Big Ivan was quite smooth and rich in the first half. It exhibited intense dark espresso roast and nutty notes. However we recommend putting some age on these bad boys. They arrived a bit humid but “drying” them out for about 6 months will perfect them as well as smoothing out the second half which smoked a bit rough. So if you’re interested in the Big Ivan we recommend it as a “Buy & Hold.”
Until the next post, siempre fumando,
Habana Port