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Cubanacan Cigars


Greetings, guajiros. We are excited to present to you one of the jewels we discovered at the big cigar trade show a couple months ago. We have had the cigars in our stores for about 2 months but had wanted to see how our locals reacted to the blends before we published our findings. Habana Port is proud to introduce to you Cubanacan Cigars.

Cubanacan is the brand and factory that hails from Esteli, Nicaragua. Although a relatively new company, the team behind Cubanacan has generations of experience. The factory is managed by Omar Aleman, a Cuban-born tabacalero who managed the Havana-based Partagas cigar factory and La Corona, the Cuban cigar factory that produces RyJ among other Cuban brands. He comes from a long line of tobacco men. In fact, when he was living in Cuba, Omar used to buy tobacco from the late Alejandro Robaina (Robaina’s grandson, Hirochi, is currently working on a joint brand with Omar aptly called HR. Click here to read the story at

While we are at the show we spoke to Omar and his son in Spanish and he was describing to us some great cigar stories, especially one about his grandfather in Cuba who smoked all his life. The week before he passed away, he announced that he was retiring from smoking cigars. The rest of the family immediately knew this unprecedented decision meant that he knew he was about to go on to the next life soon. He passed away a week later. Do not be depressed though as Omar’s grandfather lived a long and rich life and passed all his knowledge and passion for tobacco and cigars to his progeny, Omar. Now he continues the rich cigar tradition in Esteli.

We brought in the Cubanacan Habano and the Maduro. We also have 2 other brands from their portfolio called Soneros and Mederos which we will discuss in more detail in the future. The company also announced HR as we mentioned above which should hit the market in the 4th quarter 2014. We received a few samples but they were young so we are still aging them. Check out our Twitter feed when we announce our sampling of the HR for the first time. The Cubanacan Habano line is very flavorful yet smooth. Starting out with an initial spice, the profile changes to a creamy and cocoa layer. Definitely sure to be a hit in the cigar world. The Cubanacan Maduro line is rich, very flavorful yet smooth. The profile is a complex array of toast, molasses and cola syrup with a woody finish.

The cigars are in the $7 to $8 range in our stores or if you are outside Louisiana, you can order them online from our sister site by clicking here. Let us know what you think of what will be a future Top 25 contender.
Until the next post, siempre fumando,
Habana Port