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My Father Limited Edition 2011 Cigars


Greetings, lovers of limited editions. We posted previously about the 2011 My Father Humidor which contain 50 of the cigars we write about today, the My Father Limited Edition 2011! They arrived today in our humidor and we wanted to discuss the details as to why these cigars are so special.

The Garcia family decided to use copious amounts of the very rare Pelo d’Oro tobacco. With a name meaning, in Spanish, “Golden Hair”, this tobacco looks as beautiful as it tastes. Pepin says about the Pelo d’Oro, “It’s the best Cuban seed ever.” The problem, though, is that Pelo d’Oro is a farmer’s nightmare because of its susceptibility to blue mold and other pests. These risks make Pelo d’Oro a very low-yield crop and almost impossible to use in regular production. This year’s L.E. was blended by Jaime Garcia, son of Don Pepin Garcia. Gorgeously packaged in 12-count boxes, these cigars will not stay on the shelf too long. Last year, smokers were scrambling to get their share and many called across state lines to find shops who still had some.

M.F. Limited Edition 2011 Cigar Specs:

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Rosado Wrapper
Binder & Filler: Nicaraguan Corojo, Criollo, Habano AND Pelo d’Oro (proprietary to the Garcia family)
Body: Medium-Full to Full

Flavors: Decadent flavors of roasted coffee, anise and bittersweet chocolate are present in different levels of intensity throughout the entire smoke.

Construction: Of course, from start to finish, the cigar is one of the most consistent and well-constructed cigars you’ll have the opportunity to smoke.

Our price: $21.95/cigar or $263.40/12count box

Until the next post, siempre fumando,
Habana Port

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Habana Port Tabacums


Greetings, toker of tobacco. We are happy to inform you of a shop exclusive: Habana Port’s Tabacums which are our house-rolled cigar. Offered in 2 wrappers (an Ecuador Habano seed and a Connecticut Broadleaf), these handrolled, long-filler cigars are a great value. Starting at $3.49 a cigar, we are offering three different sizes (a robusto, churchill and toro gordo).

Imported from Nicaragua from a factory we have contracted, these premium cigars are in the mild-medium to medium strength range and offer a well-balanced and clean experience. The natural version has a flavor profile of earth, coffee and wood while the maduro variety imparts a sweeter, toastier tone.

Look below for more details. And remember that we offer 10% off if you buy a 20-count bundle and no sales taxes if we ship out-of-state (phone: 985-809-1818 or email

Now you can order Tabacums securely online through our sister site ( by clicking here!

Many customers have already tried these out and have expressed positive reviews. Come in today to find out for yourself!

A bounty of treasure awaits the Habana Port fan.

Robusto (5 x 56) – $3.49 ea or $62.85 (per 20 ct bundle. 10% off!)
Churchill (7 x 50) – $3.89 ea or $69.99 (per 20 ct bundle. 10% off!)
Toro Gordo (6 x 60) – $4.35 ea or $78.29 (per 20 ct bundle. 10% off!)

Natural – Ecuador Habano Seed
Maduro – Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Proprietary blend of aged Nicaraguan, Honduran & Dominican long filler tobaccos.

Until the next post, siempre fumando,
Habana Port

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2011 My Father Cigars Humidor


Greetings, mavens of My Father cigars! We received a press release from our My Father/Don Pepin rep a few days ago. Here it is reproduced for your information:

Press Release:
Wed April 13, 2011

2011 My Father Cigars Humidor

And, now, introducing the very special, very limited 2011 My Father Cigars Humidor! This opportunity must be seen to really appreciate it. So, please, take a moment to see the images below then refer to these notes for details of this fast fleeting opportunity:

The My Father Humidors have NOT been made.

Production begins in a few weeks, will take about three months and will be based on demand.

Plans are for NOT more than 500 units.

The MF Humidor will come with 50 My Father Limited Edition 2011 and 50 Jaime Garcia Limited Edition 2011 cigars (approximately $1,800 to $2,000 worth of cigars).

Space in a pull-out drawer will be available to store a cutter and lighter (though, no lighter will be included).

Delivery of MF Humidors is expected to be in late July.

MSRP will be $1,800-2,000 (before excise and sales taxes unless shipped out-of-state).

MF accounts will be limited to one (1) MF Cigars Humidor PER store location.

Humidor from the front.

Humidor with the lid open.
Looking down into Humidor with lid open.
Humidor completely open.

Drawer slid out.

And now a few notes from us:

We are taking pre-orders for this humidor and will offer this as an entire set initially. If we don’t see interest in a customer taking the entire humidor with cigars, then we will break the humidor open to sell the singles and what we will do is with every stick sold, the customer will receive a raffle ticket. After the 100 cigars have been sold, we will raffle the humidor to give away GRATIS (with only shipping charges to be added if the winner cannot come into the store to pick up). We expect to sell the entire set as is and not sell the individual sticks so let us know if you’re interested.

And stay tuned to our blog or Twitter page for the update of the arrival of this rare offering!

Until the next post, siempre fumando,
Habana Port

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Puros Indios Introductory Offer

Greetings, aficionado de la hoja! We want to announce the arrival of Rolando Reyes, Sr.’s Puros Indios / Cuba Aliados cigars into our humidor. These famed cigars from Honduras are known the world over and to mark their introduction to Habana Port’s humidor, we are offering a limited special:
Buy any 3 Puros Indios/Cuba Aliados cigars and get a P.I. or C.A. Piramide #2 (6 1/2 x 56) cigar FREE! (value of $6.59)
Buy any 20-count box P.I. or C.A. box and get a 10-count P.I. or C.A. Piramide #2 box FREE! (value of $60)
Hurry in to our shop (or call 985-809-1818 or email to purchase this deal because an offer this fantastic does not last long and we are only offering this buy while supplies last!
Now enjoy an excerpt from the company website informing us of the patriarch’s history.
“Don Rolando was born in Las Villas, Cuba near the town of Remedios in 1924. Rolando, alone among his siblings, insisted to his father that he wanted to be a “tabacalero.” He was all of 9 years old at the time. Finally, his father agreed to have him trained by the renowned Silvio Santana of the Tabacalera Pequeña in Zulueta. Silvio taught Rolando the techniques and all aspects of cigar making. Don Rolando later practiced his art of tobacco making at the Aguiar Cigar Factory near the city of Remedios where he lived.

In 1938, Rolando went to work in Pinar del Rio at the Jose L. Piedra Cigar Factory in Guanajay. This was followed by work in Havana at the H. Upmann Cigar Factory and later the Jose Gener & Batet Cigar Co. At these factories he mastered the art of making “figurados” and “parejos” – producing hand made cigars without a mold, as well as other techniques. He then returned to Placetas in Las Villas to establish his own cigar factory “Los Aliados”. After several years he moved Los Aliados to Havana; he was barely 21.

Rolando continued to operate with great success until the communist government confiscated his Los Aliados Cigar trademark and factory and personal properties in 1968. The government tried to take advantage of his knowledge by putting him to work in the El Rey del Mundo Cigar Factory. He refused, so the government retaliated by making him work in the rice fields.

Rolando immigrated to America in 1971, finally settling in Union City, New Jersey. There, Rolando worked in the textile industry by day and rolled cigars for sale in the evenings. In 1973 he constructed a building to house his family and cigar factory, changing its name to “Cuba Aliados”. In 1988 he established his factory in Danli, Honduras because its conditions reminded him of Cuba, and he finished the move in 1989.

In late 1995, the ‘Puros Indios’ cigar line was launched and its unique blend has remained unchanged since its introduction; the filler blend in all ‘Puros Indios’ cigars are identical using a four country blend of tobaccos. All wrappers are Ecuadorian-grown from Sumatran seed and the binder is Ecuadorian. Puros Indios Cigars have been a success from the start, selling millions of cigars annually in the USA and internationally.

The new factory is built in the old Cuban tradition and is the best in Honduras and, his friends believe, among the best in the world. Rolando employs over 200 rollers and has over 300 employees producing over 75,000 cigars daily of his various brands. He claims to be the only factory owner who also retains the atmosphere of Cuban cigar factories of old, by having a full-time lector to read the day’s news and other literature to the rollers as they work. He continues to inspect all cigars manufactured in his factory.

Rolando Reyes Sr. has been called “The world’s most talented cigar maker.” He continues to use the magic of his gifted hands to create the world’s most highly sought-after cigars. Rolando Reyes Sr. considers himself to be a genuine “Cuban Tobacconist” in the old tradition. He continues to create premium cigars – refusing to lower quality, refusing to use chemicals to fumigate, and refusing to use chemicals as aroma or taste additives. Don Rolando embodies the term “old school” and is known as a cigar legend by his peers and loyal customers around the world.”Our humidor’s offerings of P.I./C.A. include the following:Cuba Aliados Robusto Maduro – $4.39 per cigar ($79.02/box)Cuba Aliados Toro Maduro – $4.95 per cigar ($89.10/box)Puros Indios Toro Especial (Maduro & Natural) – $4.39 per cigar ($79.02/box)Puros Indios Piramide #3 Natural – $4.39 per cigar ($79.02/box)Puros Indios Rothschild Natural – $3.95 per cigar ($71.10/box)

Until the next post, siempre fumando,
Habana Port
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A. Fuente 2010 Xtremely Rare Holiday Collection

A. Fuente’s 2010 Xtremely Rare Holiday Collection Sampler

Greetings, followers of Habana Port! We have just received this year’s A. Fuente Xtremely Rare Holiday Collection boxes. What a fantastic offering from A. Fuente! This 10-count box includes 2 cigars from 5 different Fuente lines. They include: 2 Double Chateau (Natural); 2 Double Chateau (Natural Sungrown); 2 Hemingway Classics; 2 Anejo No. 48; and 2 Fuente Fuente Opus X Perfecxion X. This superb lineup is a great gift for the A. Fuente fan and this Holiday-only release never stays too long on the shelf. Get yours today for only $125.99 a box (that comes out to $12.60 per stick). Email us to order yours today and receive free shipping with this purchase!
Until the next post, siempre fumando,
Habana Port
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A. Fuente Añejos Have Arrived!

Click the picture to zoom in.

Greetings, fans of Habana Port! Is your brain fried with the information overload that has been flooding this blog yet? Well this announcement is worth the brain cell breakdown. We are happy to announce the arrival of A. Fuente Añejos! For those not familiar with this line of cigars, this is essentially an OpusX blend with the wrapper being different. It is 5 year-old aged Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper aged in cognac barrels. This cigar only comes out during Christmas and Father’s Day. Hurry in today as we have only received a limited allocation! Happy smoking!

Until the next post, siempre fumando,

Habana Port

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Gurkha Spec Ops

The Gurkha Spec Ops Travel Humidor, cigars, knife and military coin.

Greetings, civic-minded cigar smokers. The all-new Gurkha Spec Ops (Special Operations) cigar has arrived here at Habana Port. For those not familiar with Gurkha, this cigar company was founded by Kaizad Hansotia and his philosophy is that of the epicurean and design-driven artist. He only demands the finest quality tobacco and his company is famous for his beautiful packaging, art and designs.
The Spec Ops cigar was created in honor of our Navy Seals, and like the Seals, the Spec Ops is a beast of a cigar. The 7 1/2 by 52 cigar incorporates a Dominican wrapper with an Indonesian binder followed by Dominican filler. Medium to med-strong, the blend is complex and has earthy notes. You can buy each cigar by the single (our cost is $10.99 each) or if you want the entire set, the price is $197.82. Now, the entire combo set includes 20 Gurkha Spec Ops cigars, an indestructible, water-proof, all-weather 30-count travel humidor with Gurkha’s brand stamped on the outside, a limited edition Gurkha military collector’s coin, a Gurkha-branded 7 inch fixed blade tactical combat/survival knife and a matching leg sheath to protect and carry the knife.
So let’s break this offer down. For $197.82, the price per cigar comes out to $9.89 a stick. Not a bad deal considering this is Gurkha. But you are also getting a travel humidor which for a comparable size can run you anywhere between $50 and $80, a knife which can run $300 for a comparable style, a sheath which is valued at around $30 and a priceless military limited edition Gurkha coin. This deal can easily cost you around $600. But at Habana Port, you can own this limited military set and cigars for under $200! Wow, what a deal! This set is perfect for the military enthusiast or for the Navy Seal in your life!
We currently have 2 styles of knives in stock: a solid black theme and a Tiger-striped pattern. Gurkha has made 10 different coin styles so each one will vary.
We have a current special, too. If you buy by the single, every purchase will get you a raffle ticket for your chance to win the set (minus the cigars) for FREE!
Hurry to our shop or call 985-809-1818 for mail orders and get your Gurkha Spec Ops cigar set or single cigars while they last! And as always, if we ship out-of-state, we do not include Louisiana state excise taxes or sales taxes (so basically you will save another 20%; inquire for correct pricing).
Gurkha Military Coin Side A
Gurkha Military Coin Side B
Gurkha Spec Ops Knife (Tiger-Pattern)

Gurkha Spec Ops cigars.Until the next post, siempre fumando,Habana Port

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J. Fuego and Xikar Promotion

J. Fuego Box and Xikar Lighter Promotion


Greetings, staunch soldiers of Habana Port. In conjunction with 10-10-10 (at 10:10 PM, mind you), in this post we feature our latest cigar addition to our vast humidor. We introduce to you J. Fuego and his portfolio of tabacos. The following text comes from their company website and provides a brief background of the cigar manufacturer:

The Fuego family has been in the business of growing, blending, and rolling cigars for five generations (since 1876 when J.Fuego was founded as a leaf growing company) in “El Corojo” farm, Cuba.

It was in 1995 when the family migrated to Central America. In 2006, after years growing, blending and making cigars for other companies (including Rocky Patel), Jesus Fuego launched “Tabacos S.A.” with the release of the “J. Fuego” brand with his Natural and Gran Reserva lines. This, as a celebration of 130 years of his family in the cigar industry.

Since then Tabacos S.A. has introduced the J. Fuego Delirium, the 777 brand with Maduro, Corojo and Zero lines. The Origen brand was also introduced in 2010 with great acceptation from the consumers.

We are proud to offer a wide variety of flavors and prices in our cigar selection, made with tobaccos grown exclusively for Tabacos S.A. Enjoy.

Jesus is a true artisan and Habana Port is proud to offer you his line of incredible cigars. With such a passion and intense pursuit for the creation of cigars, you can be rest assured that Jesus will deliver a wonderful cigar-smoking experience.

In honor of adding J. Fuego to our humidor, we are proud to offer this limited promotion:

When you buy any box (21 count) or any 21 J. Fuego-made cigars, you will receive a limited J.Fuego/Xikar torch lighter for FREE!

This dependable lighter is valued at a cool $100 and it’s yours for free when you purchase his cigars. If you want to mix-and-match (instead of just buying a single box of one type of cigar), that is fine as well and you will receive the lighter. So if you want to buy a few Gran Reservas, a few Naturals, Deliriums or the new Origen, whatever you like, when you buy 21 cigars, you will receive your normal box discount of 10% and we will gift you this limited lighter from Xikar and J. Fuego. A 5-pack of the Origen Originals counts as “1 cigar” just to be clear.

Come in to Habana Port today, or call us at 985-809-1818 or email us at If you can’t make it to our shop, we can mail you the cigars and lighter!

And here is a brief overview of the lines we are carrying from J. Fuego right now. Click on the picture to view a larger version and read about each particular line’s anatomy and background. Enjoy!

The J. Fuego Gran Reserva (medium-strong)

The J. Fuego Natural (medium)

The J. Fuego Delirium (medium-strong)

The Origen (medium)

Until the next post, siempre fumando,
Habana Port
p.s. Don’t mind that numerology nonsense. Haha.