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Butz-Choquin (BC) Churchwarden Briar Pipes

Greetings, gangsters of Gandalf. Today we are featuring a few new pipe arrivals. In the spirit of the upcoming Hobbit feature film, we at Habana Port have stocked a few Churchwarden briar pipes from Butz-Choquin (BC), the famous French pipemaker. Churchwarden pipes are defined as those having a long stem. Many pipe enthusiasts feel that a Churchwarden provides a cooler, dryer smoke since it takes a while longer for the smoke to hit your tongue. Also known as the armchair pipe, it is loved by those who want to extend their arm and smoke at the same time. It is certainly a lazy man’s model but we like to think of the CW as a true philosopher’s pipe.
We have 2 BC Churchwarden pipe models now. The top one is the Calabash Jr. and the pipe below it is the Balzac. Very unique yet masterfully crafted pieces these Churchwardens from BC will treat you right. So come in today and check out these wizard-friendly styles.
Until the next post, siempre fumando,
Habana Port