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R&D Cigars by Tobacconist University (Serie I)


Greetings, academics. Today we discuss a revolutionary line of cigars. Begun by Tobacconist University (the academic organization that upholds the highest standards and procedures for fine tobacconists like us) has introduced R&D Cigars. What will be an ongoing series of cigar lines, R&D is a transparent and educational means by which consumers can enjoy premium cigars to the fullest. The band on the cigar reveals many important talking points behind the blend. Listed information includes the wrapper type and origin, the DOC (date of creation of the cigar), the production numbers, the manufacturer and even the filler components. And what is one of the most novel cigar ideas (and we predict the next big cigar trend), R&D offers Puro Components, cigarillos composed of just one leaf, whether it is the wrapper leaf, binder leaf or the 3 individual filler components. This gives smokers the chance to experience the one tobacco type and learn the leaf’s individual characteristics.

TU has contracted famed boutique cigar producer, Jesus Fuego, to develop R&D Brazilian Corojo Capa Especial Serie I. Click here to visit the in-depth page describing Serie I. You will read about the characteristics of each leaf (and can even see and visit the coordinates of where the tobacco was grown). There is an informative video you can view regarding the Azacualpa Valley (Honduras) where one of the filler leaf components is grown.

Sold exclusively through CRTs like Habana Port Cigar Merchants, R&D helps educate the mind and palate. Click here to visit the R&D Lab.
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