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My Father Cigar Seconds


Greetings, mavens of MF. We have a special arrival that we don’t anticipate lasting too long on our humidor shelves. Our My Father Cigar rep emailed us a couple weeks ago that the company had a limited batch of cigars that they were trying to unload. They labeled them as seconds but they are of a higher quality than your usual run-of-the-mill low-grade seconds. Anyway, we jumped on the chance to acquire some since we knew this offering wouldn’t be available too long. Habana Port decided on the following shipment of My Father cigar seconds:

1. My Father Seconds Habano Oscuro Robusto (5 inches by 50 rg) Full-body (item code BLO3HOSROB)
2. My Father Seconds Habano Oscuro Robusto (5.25 inches by 52 rg) Medium to Full-body (item code BLOPJHOSROB)
3. My Father Seconds Habano Rosado Belicoso (5 inches by 54 rg). Medium-body (item code BLO1HROBELI)

And the kicker…we are offering the cigars at $5.49 a piece. They come packaged in a 20-count bundle and you get 10% off with a bundle purchase. The bundle price is $98.85 or roughly $4.94 a piece.

Because cigar companies do not strive to produce seconds since their profit margins are not as high as when they produce “firsts”, we have a few theories about theses cigars. The cigars may not have been cut according to company specifications (i.e., they were cut too short) or these are blends that were prototypes that did not make the cut. Either way, we noticed these cigars use the same wrappers found on the My Father and Le Bijou cigar lines. So in the end, if you want a great deal on great cigars, these Seconds will fulfill your needs. But as usual with these limited offerings, you better act fast. If you can’t make it to a Habana Port location, you can order them here at

Until the next post, siempre fumando,
Habana Port

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