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Bodum Storage Jar for Pipe Tobacco


Greetings, backers of Bodum. Here is a picture of the food-grade storage containers we use to showcase and house our bulk pipe tobacco. If you are not familiar with Bodum, let us introduce you. Bodum is a tableware and kitchenware company founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1944 by Peter Bodum and is known for its high-quality standards and focus on artistic and high aesthetics for its product lines. They are known for coffee equipment and presses, containers and other kitchenware.

We at Habana Port are an official merchant for Bodum and can special-order any product in their catalog. We currently have their Brazil coffee set, coffee grinder and demi-tasse (perfect for the espresso enthusiasts) for sale. Our Baton Rouge location is waiting on a shipment of Presso Jars from this company so we can finish our bulk pipe tobacco set-up. Bodum’s jars are perfect for storing pipe tobacco as it has a food-grade seal so the tobacco’s internal moisture content will not escape. If you would like to order Bodum online from us, visit

Until the next post, siempre fumando,

Habana Port

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