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Pipe Kit – A Complete Pipe Set & Guide

Greetings, pipe people. We would like to introduce to you our Pipe Kit – a complete pipe set & guide. Just in time for the holiday season, this comprehensive fine pipe set is the perfect gift for those who are interested in delving into the world of pipe tobacco.
Starting at $49.95, this set includes an Italian-made Lorenzo briar pipe, a pipe tool (tamper and scoop), a set of pipe cleaners, matches and a sampler of four different one-ounce pipe tobacco bags. As far as the pipe, we have dozens of different models from which to choose. Whether you want a straight-stem or a bent-stem, a walnut color or cherry color, a matte finish or glossy finish, the choice is yours.
We also offer a pipe set for those that want a filter system. Starting at $74.95, this set includes the same offerings as above with the difference of a Lorenzo Filtro pipe and the addition of a ten-count set of charcoal filters which are effective at providing a cooler, cleaner and drier experience.
What is also attractive about this pipe set is that it includes a primer of how to prepare and smoke a bowl of fine pipe tobacco. This simple set of instructions clearly teaches the user how to enjoy a bowl of pipe tobacco, how to maintain and clean the briar pipe, and how to store pipe tobacco. The inside of the box also has a great illustration of the anatomy of a briar pipe. There is also a glossary of different pipe tobacco varieties thus introducing the beginner to the different names of tobacco leaves. The set comes beautifully packaged in a kraft box so it is easy for you to get that last minute gift to leave under the Christmas tree.
If you cannot make it to our shop to pick up your set, for an extra $5.95, we can ship this gift to the person and address of your choice. Call us at 985-809-1818 or email us at to order today.
Until the next post, siempre fumando,
Habana Port

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