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Habana Port Votes 2012!


Greetings voters of Viajes and vice. Tomorrow is Election Day in America. Whether you’re on the right, on the left, Republican, Democrat or Independent, all of us at Habana Port can agree on one issue…we love our fine tobacco. In some jurisdictions it is illegal to sell booze on Election Day. Thankfully this prohibition does not apply to cigars or pipe tobacco. So in the spirit of Election Day, we are conducting a poll of our own: from now until tomorrow night, come in and vote for your favorite Tabacum cigar (our own cigar brand) whether it is Maduro or Natural. Wednesday morning when the final tally is done, we will tweet who the winner is.

As a further incentive, we will offer an extra 5% off singles and 12.5% off bundles of 20 today and tomorrow only.  So get out there and vote and after you visit the polls, visit our humidor and select your favorite cigar candidate. Here are their platforms:

Tabacum Maduro stands for sweet, toasty notes with layers of molasses and vanilla.
Tabacum Natural stands for earthier, cedary flavors with a drier component.

To read more information on the Tabacum line of cigars, click here and get the full story so you can be a more-informed voter, er, smoker. Either way you vote, both candidates can do you no wrong.

Until the next post, siempre fumando,
Habana Port

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