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Jaime Garcia Sur Oeste Cigar

Greetings, mavens of My Father cigars. You may remember that we at Habana Port Cigar Merchants were part of a group of top retailers that was invited to visit the Garcia family’s Nicaraguan cigar factory and tobacco field operations in March of this year. And what a trip it was. Well, there was a great result from the trip: many of us retailers brainstormed along with our My Father’s sales rep, PJ Poehler, to come up with a My Father/Garcia family territory-exclusive cigar. So here are the details of the Jaime Garcia Sur Oeste as explained to us by PJ, super sales guy!
Monday, May 7, 2012
EXCLUSIVE TO OUR REGION:  NEW and Limited Sur Oeste cigar – Finally a lighter MFC blend for new and milder smokers!
During a recent trip to Nicargua, Jaime Garcia finally conceded to me and 15 retailers what we already knew: My Father Cigars needs to introduce a blend to attract new and milder smokers to the MFC line of products.  While this would greatly expand the MFC customer base, Jaime was only willing to make such a blend in limited quantities. 
The Sur Oeste, AND our special, exclusive arrangement with Jaime, is the result.
The Jaime Garcia Sur Oeste (Spanish for Southwest) is a very special blend developed and produced exclusively for the south-central region of the United States (ie: no retailers outside the Poehler territory will have access to it).  A Nicaraguan puros made in Esteli, Nicaragua, the Sur Oeste offers a medium-mild strength, a medium body and plenty of spicy Nicaraguan flavor.  Though milder, Jaime maintained a continuity between the Sur Oeste and other MFC brands by providing complexity and flavor robust enough to satisfy all but your most die-hard, full-body/strength smokers.
Coming under the Jaime Garcia brand mark, the “Jaime Garcia Sur Oeste” will ship in mid July in black and silver 18-count boxes (6 across/3 deep) as follows:
            Corona (5 5/8 x 46); 18-ct box; Retail = $6.00 ($6.59 in LA; $5.39 on
            Robusto (5 x 50); 18-ct box; Retail = $6.40 ($7.05 in LA; $5.75 on
            Toro (6 x 52); 18-ct box; Retail = $6.70 ($7.39 in LA; $5.99 on
However, Jaime has only committed to initially making 1,200 boxes – 400 of each size.  This makes the Sur Oeste a particularly unique and rare cigar.  These will sell out.  Therefore, it seems only fitting that such a special and limited opportunity be extended first to our closest, and most important partners.  The small distribution of the Sur Oeste, in fact, will make it that much more exclusive and desirable! So, get on board to greatly expand your MFC customer base by pre-ordering your Sur Oeste for July delivery.
The Brain Trust during our trip to Nicaragua at the My Father Cigar factory. Standing from left to right: Jose Ortega (V.P. of Sales, My Father Cigars), PJ Poehler (My Father Cigars Sales Rep), Jaime Garcia (Owner of My Father Cigars; son of Pepin Garcia)
So, Habana Port and fans, stay tuned to our feeds (@habanaport and @cigarearth) as to the arrival of these cigars. We are excited to offer a very limited offering in July. And if you live out-of-state, is your best bet for access as well as the lowest pricing on this line of cigars!
Until the next post, siempre fumando,
Habana Port
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