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Viaje 2011 Summer Releases


Greetings, vanguards of Viaje. If you’re a fan of one of the hottest cigars currently on the market, you’re in for a treat. Many Summer-time limited releases from this micro-batch company have hit our shelves and are up for sale. Here is the list:

Reserva Oro VOR DT (5 3/4×52) – $12.85 ea.
Reserva Platino VPR DT (5 3/4×52) – $12.85 ea.

Summerfest 2011 Torpedo (5 1/4×52) – $9.90 ea.
Summerfest 2011 Toro (6×50) – $10.35 ea.

TNT (6 1/4×56) – $11.55 ea.

C4 (5×56) – $11.55 ea.

We have received a very limited allotment and in fairness to all of our loyal customers, we are placing a sales procedure on these cigars. Here are the terms:

Walk-in Customers:
Reserva Oro – 3 per customer per day
Reserva Platino – 3 per customer per day
SF – 3 per customer per day
TNT & C4 – 5 per customer per day

Mail Order Customers:
Same limits as Walk-Ins with the addition of a mandatory purchase of a Viaje Sampler valued at $50 which includes the following selection:
1 Holiday Torpedo
1 Oro Delicado (6×50)
1 Platino Jefe (7×50)
1 50-50 Red No.3 (7×47)
1 Skull & Bones MOAB (4 1/4×54)

We feel this sales policy will give everyone a fair shot at trying these incredible cigars. If after an adequate amount of time has passed by and these cigars have not sold out, then we will lift the limits and allow open purchases of these cigars. However, we do not expect to have the cigars long enough in stock as we have had many calls regarding this batch even weeks before they arrived here.

To place an order, stop by our shop or call us 985-809-1818 or email us at

Happy Hunting!

Until the next post, siempre fumando,
Habana Port

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