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Habana Port’s Christmas Sampler Boxes

Habana Port Christmas Samplers.
Greetings, cigar smoking fans of Habana Port! Need a great cigar gift? Do you want to offer a great presentation? Do you wish to see the traditional image of Santa Claus enjoying his fine tobacco? Well, look no further. We at Habana Port are now offering our own Christmas Sampler boxes. We are offering 4-pack boxes in both a Robusto and Churchill size. This year’s beautiful Christmas design comes adorned in a yuletide theme and pictures a content, jolly St. Nick enjoying a fine cigar. Come on down to our shop and pick your cigars a la carte or save even more by purchasing our pre-selected assortments.
St. Nick fires up a cigar before making his annual journey around the world.
Until the next post, siempre fumando,
Habana Port
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