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Gurkha Spec Ops

The Gurkha Spec Ops Travel Humidor, cigars, knife and military coin.

Greetings, civic-minded cigar smokers. The all-new Gurkha Spec Ops (Special Operations) cigar has arrived here at Habana Port. For those not familiar with Gurkha, this cigar company was founded by Kaizad Hansotia and his philosophy is that of the epicurean and design-driven artist. He only demands the finest quality tobacco and his company is famous for his beautiful packaging, art and designs.
The Spec Ops cigar was created in honor of our Navy Seals, and like the Seals, the Spec Ops is a beast of a cigar. The 7 1/2 by 52 cigar incorporates a Dominican wrapper with an Indonesian binder followed by Dominican filler. Medium to med-strong, the blend is complex and has earthy notes. You can buy each cigar by the single (our cost is $10.99 each) or if you want the entire set, the price is $197.82. Now, the entire combo set includes 20 Gurkha Spec Ops cigars, an indestructible, water-proof, all-weather 30-count travel humidor with Gurkha’s brand stamped on the outside, a limited edition Gurkha military collector’s coin, a Gurkha-branded 7 inch fixed blade tactical combat/survival knife and a matching leg sheath to protect and carry the knife.
So let’s break this offer down. For $197.82, the price per cigar comes out to $9.89 a stick. Not a bad deal considering this is Gurkha. But you are also getting a travel humidor which for a comparable size can run you anywhere between $50 and $80, a knife which can run $300 for a comparable style, a sheath which is valued at around $30 and a priceless military limited edition Gurkha coin. This deal can easily cost you around $600. But at Habana Port, you can own this limited military set and cigars for under $200! Wow, what a deal! This set is perfect for the military enthusiast or for the Navy Seal in your life!
We currently have 2 styles of knives in stock: a solid black theme and a Tiger-striped pattern. Gurkha has made 10 different coin styles so each one will vary.
We have a current special, too. If you buy by the single, every purchase will get you a raffle ticket for your chance to win the set (minus the cigars) for FREE!
Hurry to our shop or call 985-809-1818 for mail orders and get your Gurkha Spec Ops cigar set or single cigars while they last! And as always, if we ship out-of-state, we do not include Louisiana state excise taxes or sales taxes (so basically you will save another 20%; inquire for correct pricing).
Gurkha Military Coin Side A
Gurkha Military Coin Side B
Gurkha Spec Ops Knife (Tiger-Pattern)

Gurkha Spec Ops cigars.Until the next post, siempre fumando,Habana Port

2 thoughts on “Gurkha Spec Ops

  1. Got mine for Dad day, very nice presentation. Cigars are excellent! Worth the price alone. The pelican box is water proof with relief valve and fully gasketed and have these easy to use buckles for on hand operation. The coin is interesting and quite heavy. The knife, if you are into tactical knives its worth the price alone, nice balance and feels substantial with a great nylon sheath.

  2. Knife looks alike an Extrema Ratio Col Moschin knife, made in Italy. Is it the one? If so, it's worth $300

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