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J. Fuego and Xikar Promotion

J. Fuego Box and Xikar Lighter Promotion


Greetings, staunch soldiers of Habana Port. In conjunction with 10-10-10 (at 10:10 PM, mind you), in this post we feature our latest cigar addition to our vast humidor. We introduce to you J. Fuego and his portfolio of tabacos. The following text comes from their company website and provides a brief background of the cigar manufacturer:

The Fuego family has been in the business of growing, blending, and rolling cigars for five generations (since 1876 when J.Fuego was founded as a leaf growing company) in “El Corojo” farm, Cuba.

It was in 1995 when the family migrated to Central America. In 2006, after years growing, blending and making cigars for other companies (including Rocky Patel), Jesus Fuego launched “Tabacos S.A.” with the release of the “J. Fuego” brand with his Natural and Gran Reserva lines. This, as a celebration of 130 years of his family in the cigar industry.

Since then Tabacos S.A. has introduced the J. Fuego Delirium, the 777 brand with Maduro, Corojo and Zero lines. The Origen brand was also introduced in 2010 with great acceptation from the consumers.

We are proud to offer a wide variety of flavors and prices in our cigar selection, made with tobaccos grown exclusively for Tabacos S.A. Enjoy.

Jesus is a true artisan and Habana Port is proud to offer you his line of incredible cigars. With such a passion and intense pursuit for the creation of cigars, you can be rest assured that Jesus will deliver a wonderful cigar-smoking experience.

In honor of adding J. Fuego to our humidor, we are proud to offer this limited promotion:

When you buy any box (21 count) or any 21 J. Fuego-made cigars, you will receive a limited J.Fuego/Xikar torch lighter for FREE!

This dependable lighter is valued at a cool $100 and it’s yours for free when you purchase his cigars. If you want to mix-and-match (instead of just buying a single box of one type of cigar), that is fine as well and you will receive the lighter. So if you want to buy a few Gran Reservas, a few Naturals, Deliriums or the new Origen, whatever you like, when you buy 21 cigars, you will receive your normal box discount of 10% and we will gift you this limited lighter from Xikar and J. Fuego. A 5-pack of the Origen Originals counts as “1 cigar” just to be clear.

Come in to Habana Port today, or call us at 985-809-1818 or email us at If you can’t make it to our shop, we can mail you the cigars and lighter!

And here is a brief overview of the lines we are carrying from J. Fuego right now. Click on the picture to view a larger version and read about each particular line’s anatomy and background. Enjoy!

The J. Fuego Gran Reserva (medium-strong)

The J. Fuego Natural (medium)

The J. Fuego Delirium (medium-strong)

The Origen (medium)

Until the next post, siempre fumando,
Habana Port
p.s. Don’t mind that numerology nonsense. Haha.
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