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Shop Buildout, Part VIII

Industrial Signs puts the finishing touches to our outdoor sign.
Greetings, friends of Habana Port. Last week was a very productive one. We are rushing but diligently setting up the shop with its fixtures and furniture before we can go on to receiving tobacco and other tobacconist-related inventory. We are currently awaiting our proper permits for conducting tobacco-related business in the great State of Louisiana but in the meantime we are keeping busy hammering out the non-tobacco related building needs.
In this segment of our “Buildout” series, we see that the shop and its Construction Needs are totally finished; Industrial Signs comes in to affix our facade signage; our satellite TV is installed; our furniture comes in; and we bring in some electronics (for the TV and speakers) and other hardware. The Layout Phase has taken some planning and now we are executing before we begin the Merchandising of the Cigar Shop step.
Enjoy the pictures and stay tuned for the final chapters on “How to Build Out a Cigar Shop.”
August 3, 2010

The shop is clean. The Lounge and Checkout area.

The Front part of the Lounge.

The Sign Company is here!

These guys bring heavy equipment.

The portion of the sign that will illuminate come night time.

Call in the cavalry.

The technicians install the box that will house the LED lights that will illuminate Habana Port.

I’m ready for my face lift.

Look up in the sky…

The tech is ready to attach the face to the box.

Aligning it right is difficult in this +100o weather.


The Front Facade.

The Sign heralds our presence.
August 4, 2010

The Installer for Direct TV is setting up the lounge.

August 5, 2010

The Furniture comes in today.

The pub table and chairs will be perfect for those wishing to play poker, chess or to throw down some bones.

Our routed logo above the entrance to the Humidor adds a nice touch.

Our logo.

We bring in some of the store equipment and electronics.

The Checkout Station.

The lounge is starting to fill in.

The Humidor Entrance.
Habana Port would like to take this time to thank the wonderful people at Industrial Signs for doing such a great job for us. These guys have been illuminating New Orleans since 1929. Check them out for your signage needs.
Until the next post, siempre fumando,
Habana Port
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