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Shop Buildout, Part III

Greetings, fans of Habana Port. Are you all ready for the weekend? I don’t even have to ask as I know the answer to that question. Well, before you light your evening cigars with your complementary beverages, peruse this latest blog post. In this latest installment of our series on how to construct a retail cigar shop, we begin to see the details added. Trim, tile flooring and tasteful cedar walls have been chronicled during these dates. Now that I have that bout of alliteration out of my system, feast your eyes on the spectacle of our cigar shop’s birth. Enjoy the pictures and be on the lookout for another update soon!
June 22, 2010

The television area.

The Humidor Entrance.

The Checkout Station.

The wooden frame of the Humidor Glass Mirror along with door frames and door.

A different profile.

The Humidor is prepped for its flooring.

Another view of the Television area of the Smoking Lounge.

Looking towards the Front of the Shop, the opposite side of the Smoking Lounge.

Looking from within the Humidor, the wooden frame of the Humidor’s Glass Window.

June 24, 2010

Leading up to the door of the Humidor, the elegant tile flooring has been aligned.

The South half of the Smoking Lounge.

The Walk-in Humidor with tile flooring laid out.

Notice the addition of the ceiling trim and the Humidor door trim.

Our flooring specialist, Steve, is a true professional and delivers only superior results. Excellent man and future Habana Port customer and friend.

The first section of Spanish cedar that will line the walls of the Humidor for proper cigar storage and protection.
June 28, 2010

Close-up of the tile flooring (sans grout).

Additional tiles have been placed.

Our Checkout station, display cases and cabinet for our pipe selection and merchandising came in today. The cherry wood will complement the decor of the cigar shop.

View of the North half of the Cigar Lounge.

Our contractor is personally installing the Spanish cedar walls as the material is very costly and accounts for a large percentage of the construction costs.

Inside the Walk-in Humidor, the smell of freshly cut Spanish cedar saturates the air and heralds the coming of a holy temple that will showcase a great cigar selection.

Looking down the cigar accessories section of the store.

Close-up of the trim that accents the cigar lounge.

Working diligently inside the Humidor. Notice the installed door.

Ready for window installation.

Close-up of the Humidor Door Trim. Beautiful workmanship.

The Humidor door, stained and installed.

I think the Humidor is ready for some lighting.
Until the next post, siempre fumando,
Habana Port
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