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Shop Buildout, Part II

Greetings, fans of Habana Port. Today we post another segment on the buildout of our first cigar shop. The contractors appointed to this task bring several generations of experienced work and have done a tremendous job in constructing what will be the Northshore’s most magnificent humidor, lounge and cigar merchant. Below you will see pictures of the progress and categorized by the date we photographed the construction. Enjoy the pictures and descriptions!
June 15, 2010

A fine view of 330 Falconer Drive, Suite K.

The sheetrock has been done and this is the Storage Room.

The outer walls of the Humidor have been sheetrocked.

Another view of the Humidor looking towards the back of the unit.

A look from the inside of the Humidor.

Another view from within the Humidor looking towards the front of the Shop.

Looking towards the front of the Shop from outside the Humidor.

The Shop is moving along now.

The wall near the front of the Shop has wainscot siding to add an element of class.

Pre-stained wainscot siding. The aroma of the wood is intoxicating for sure.

Inspecting the day’s work.
June 16, 2010

Tools and equipment ready for the day’s use.

A view of the front of the Shop.

The Humidor’s front walls have been “wainscotted”.

Another front wall view. The air purifiers are being put in place now. You can smoke in peace and not worry about excess smoke.
June 21, 2010

Painting has begun. We chose a bright yellow reminiscent of a Cuban atmosphere. This color works well for cigar shops and will immerse the lounger in a pleasant environment.

Our painter meticulously applies the paint. He puts on 3 coats to really enhance the look. Notice the stained wainscot now.

A view of the shop from the back.

This is looking at the North wall where our high-def wide flatscreen television will entertain our smoking guests.

Now the wall is done.

Our owner is looking very pleased with the work that has been done so far.

A view of the front corner of the Shop.

The front entrance of the Humidor is looking photogenic now.

The wainscot ends where we shall put the checkout counter.

A view of the Humidor Entrance.

Well fellow tabaco enthusiasts, that is all for now but be sure to check in soon as we have many more pictures and a status update of the shop buildout. At this point we are a few weeks away from our soft opening and we hope to meet many of you soon!
Until the next post, siempre fumando,
Habana Port
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