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A New Certified Retail Tobacconist Apprentice


This just in, fellow fans of Habana Port… in order to be the best Tobacconist the Northshore has ever seen (nay, this side of the Mississippi River), one of our sales associates, Luis R. Molina has just enlisted to be a Certified Retail Tobacconist (CRT) Apprentice. By mid-August, the total of in-store CRTs will be two. In the meanwhile, Luis has to undergo training and studying before he can take a TU-administered exam in order to become fully certified as a CRT. In the meanwhile check out TU’s recognition of his apprenticeship right here.
For those who may not know, Tobacconist University is an educational resource for consumers and retailers involved in the luxury tobacco industry. Here is a sample press from their website:

Our Vision is to build and project the credibility of the luxury tobacco industry in order to gain cultural acceptance around the world. In that process, we create value for consumers, retailers, salesforces, and manufacturers while enhancing relationships, service, professionalism, credibility, and opportunities for the whole industry. Above all, we are preserving the luxury tobacco industry for generations to come.
A Certified Retail Tobacconist is the universal recognition of a Tobacconist’s certification and proof that he has undergone the curriculum and understands the codes and ethics set forth by TU. It takes many hours of hard work, training and education to become certified. Those brick-and-mortar shops that have an in-house CRT can be viewed with trust by the consumer as he knows the CRT will uphold the highest ideals of the Tobacconist trade.
So be rest assured, tabaco fan, you can count on Habana Port’s service, knowledge and values as we shall soon house not one but two CRTs within our walls and humidor. Until the next post,
Siempre Fumando,
Habana Port
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