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Indoor Signage and Decals

The decal sticker that will adorn the glass of the Humidor Entrance Door

Good evening, devotees of tabaco. As we wind the day, we wanted to show you some of the signage we created that will adorn the layout of the cigar shop. As an example, above you can see the decal sticker that will be placed on the door that will lead you into our 300 square-foot walk-in humidor.
This is Marketing 101, people. In order to strengthen a brand/image, one must vigorously implement heavy repetition of the logo; in this case we want the cigar shop’s logo plastered throughout the store, so that once you leave our premises, our image is burned into your subconscious. Well nevermind the corporate mind-subjugation and marketing psychobabble talk, and take a look at Habana Port’s latest signage!

The magnetic car decal that will display our shop’s information while our vehicles traverse the Greater New Orleans area and Northshore.

The full-color logo will appear on the glass door of the shop’s entrance AND on the large plate-glass window of our humidor.
We hope you enjoy the subtle variations of Habana Port’s logo that will be heavily seen in this part of southeastern Louisiana soon enough. For now, follow this blog so that you may continue to receive an insider’s look at the buildout of this next local brick-and-mortar cigar shop.
Until the next post, siempre fumando,
Habana Port
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